Here’s what you need to have a great Valentine’s Day

(Boyfriend not included.)


Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day is mostly a disappointing holiday with few surprises. That crush will continue to be blithely unaware of your existence. Your friends probably don’t want to do anything because they’ve got their own dates. Your mother asks (again) if you have any love interests. Your SO conveniently forgets what day it is.

The one person you know won’t fail you? YOURSELF. So why depend on others to express their love to you, when you do a better job of it anyway?

Here are a few things to remember to love about yourself to bolster your self-love this V-Day:

1. You’re strong and resilient

Regardless if you’ve been on this earth 13 years or 93 years, it’s taken a lot to get this far. You’ve had some hard times, no doubt. Think about all those days you made yourself get out of bed when you felt like your life was falling apart. Where would you be without your strong will to keep moving on?

2. You’re beautiful

So what if you don’t have perfect teeth or sparkly eyes? Tell the magazines and TV to shut up. You don’t have to be their sort of “beautiful” to be beautiful. You are a living, breathing human who has more to give the world than a pretty face. Don’t forget that beauty is often manufactured via Photoshop, and what truly makes someone attracted to you isn’t your appearance, but how you treat others and treat yourself.

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3. You are your own best friend

Give yourself a pat on the back for always having your back. The way you left yourself a glass of water by your bedside when you went to sleep drunk? When you thought you couldn’t write that complicated paper for English class but you put your head to it and got it done? How about that time you wrote down your feelings so you could breathe again?

We look out for ourselves all the time without a second thought. You deserve some kudos for keeping yourself going thus far.

4. You’re always there

Even when you’re not the bestest friend to yourself, remember this: You’re stuck with yourself for life. Candice was here for Candice at age 10, age 21, and will still be at age 106 (this is my ideal age of expiration). To me, it is a comforting thought — no matter how my body or surroundings may change, I’ll be the same voice within my head.

5. It’s easier to work with yourself than against yourself

Who’s going to go out there and conquer the world if you’re inside fussing over the small things you don’t like about yourself? Do yourself a favor and be your own best advocate. Cheer yourself on. Don’t bring yourself down with minor annoyances like yesterday’s failures. You’ve got so much more to do.

6. BONUS — You’re quirky as hell and that’s pretty awesome

Sometimes I make myself smile when I do something my husband has previously pointed out as “cute” or “weird.” Most of the time it’s something someone else points out that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Like the way I have no self-control when it comes to dogs (I make strange noises and impulsively ask to pet said dog). Or the way I’m hopeless at math, regardless of how simple it is. I always end up with the wrong answer (my husband calculates the bills for us).

The quirks that make us different are often the most interesting things about us. Even if it’s frustrating or makes it hard to fit in, that’s what makes you YOU. And that’s worth celebrating.


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